Rick Xu

Venture Partner

Dr. Rick Xu, serving as venture partner of Quan Capital, graduated from Harbin Medical University.  Upon completion of his residency, he started fellowship training major in Gastroenterology, at the Department of Internal Medicine, at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City.  Thereafter, he received his Master of Science in Biology, Ph.D. in Biopharmaceuticals and completed his post-doc. training from Dr. William Jusko at the Department of Pharmaceutic Science, School of Pharmacy, SUNY at Buffalo.  He started his career in pharmaceutical industry in 1991.  Since then, he had worked for Sterling Winthrop, Pfizer, and Hoffman-La Roche, Genentech, respectively.  During his ~30 years of industry career, working with teams, he successfully designed, engineered and developed two multi-billion dollars products, the PEGSYS and the Long Acting Filgrastim. Through his professional career, he has filed numerous of IND, NDAs and built extensive professional experiences in Oncology, CNS, virology and anti-infectious diseases.  Since 2006, as Sr. Director, Expert Scientist of Translational Medicine in Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology, he has been primarily focusing on the global clinical drug development of immune oncology therapeutic products.  His experiences involve various targets including: effector’s priming/induction; enhancing infiltration, recognition; and tumor cell killing based on either passive and/or active immunization; and vaccination.  He frequently received invitation to present at national / international conferences.  He Joined the InnoCare Pharma as Chief Medical Officer in 2018.  Additionally, he had been serving as advisor / consultant roles for numerous national and international scientific institutions and non-profit professional organizations.